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Monday, September 21, 2009

The long and incredibly sordid history of ACORN (according to Glenn Beck)

1928: Association of Communist Organizations forms to raise funds for the new international labor organization REVOLUTION NOW! The two organizations are committed to building camps worldwide where communists and union thugs will be secretly trained to defeat capitalism. George Soros's grandfather is seen smoking dope and consorting with prostitutes at a camp built high in Mexico's Sierre Madre mountains where vacationing capitalists are kidnapped, held for ransom and regularly flogged by campers.
1935: REVOLUTION NOW! is dismantled and its members are hired by the newly formed United Auto Workers. Applicants were told by ACO to lie on their applications just so they would be comfortable lying. This ability to lie became the trademark of ACO as it slowly evolved into ACORN.
1938: ACO leaders travel to Cuba to meet with youth leaders at ACO camp in Cuba. Fidel Castro is one of youth leaders at the meeting. He impresses ACO leaders with his vows to make Cuba a workers' paradise and a capitalists' hell. He is rewarded with a grant to purchase weapons and maps of Cuba, a grant that got all its funds from America taxpayers through FDR's Big Government socialistic economic policies.
1944: Bill Ayers is born in Illinois, where Hussein Obama would later settle.
1947: After being investigated for treason ACO changes its name to Association of Corporate Oligarchs and is awarded several grants from small town Better Business Bureaus who think the communist front is a legitimate business organization. When the BBBs are told by fledgling writer Ayn Rand that the new ACO is really a communist front duping heroic but simple businessmen all across the world, the BBBs sue ACO but ACO declares bankruptcy before judgment and gets away without paying a penny.
1948: ACO changes its name to Association of Community Orders and opens offices in run-down sections of many large cities. J. Edgar Hoover orders FBI investigations of the leaders, all of whom then head to Cuba and hide in mountain caves with Fidel Castro, whose revolution to take over Cuba is now actually being planned. ACO leaders are seen plotting the overthrow with him and developing techniques that could be used to overthrow America.
1949: Bill Ayers starts grade school. Also, Obama's Kenyan father attends a mosque where Communists are sometimes seen.
1951: ACO leaders return to the states and hide out in their vast network of training camps where they preach giving America over to the communists by increasing taxes and making companies pay so-called “living wages.”
1961: Bay of Pigs invasion is planned and executed. Castro wins battle because ACO-trained leaders had infiltrated JFK's top tier of advisors. Once these Manchurian Candidates know the specific invasion plans, they contact their friend Castro and tell him when and where forces will attack. ACO also gives Castro another large grant to buy weapons and maps of Cuba. Hussein Obama will later become a “leadership trainer” with ACORN.
1971: ACO becomes ACORN. Bill Ayers is seen drinking champagne in a city where ACORN opens a new office.
1977: President Carter halts all federal investigations into ACORN because ACORN registered hundreds of thousands of fake voters who voted for him and without whose votes he would just be another struggling old peanut farmer.
1987: Glenn Beck's grandfather is beaten up by union thugs hired by George Soros because Beck was going to expose ACORN's voter registration fraud. Although seriously hurt he lives long enough to write down the list of treasonous acts perpetrated by ACORN over the years. This list is passed on to Glenn Beck, who vows to fight for justice and truth, even if he also gets beaten up by union thugs hired by George Soros.
1994: ACORN gets a $28 billion grant from federal government to register dead voters in inner city slums who will all vote for Democrats. The grant is stamped “TOP SECRET” and so is never seen by the public. To celebrate, ACORN hires prostitutes and buys lots of alcohol and holds big parties for clients. Hussein Obama is ACORN's lawyer and Bill Ayers is seen drinking champagne in what is believed to be the same room Obama was in a day earlier.
1995: Hussein Obama wins a case for ACORN involving voter registration in Illinois!
1999: Some say ACORN created fake documents about George Bush's military service that were later proven false and led to the end of Dan Rather's career. The loss of Rather is the only known mistake the formidable Communist-front organization ever made.
2003: ACORN is believed to have sneaked Saddam Hussein's WMDs out of Iraq and into caves in Castro's Cuba, single-handedly destroying the Bush presidency.
2005: ACORN gets $17 billion grant from federal government to register more poor people to vote. Again, the grant is “TOP SECRET.” Several reporters learn of this and obtain a video of the fraud, but the videos disappear, as do the reporters.
2007: ACORN gets another$131 billion, also marked “TOP SECRET.” Glenn Beck reports this story and then is confronted by a mob of angry union thugs but he stands up to them and they flee.
2009: Beck again tells story of ACORN fraud and its abuse of federal funds to benefit Democrats. National media fail to pick it up but then have to when Glenn Beck pushes the story relentlessly.

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