You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide. You have nothing to hide if you have nothing to fear.
So fear nothing and you need not hide. Hide nothing and you need not fear.

The motto of the Department of Homeland Decency

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Department of Homeland Decency and Medical Marijuana

Will we see medical marijuana legalized in more states this year or in coming years? Unfortunately, the culture wars are returning and this is but one battle. Plus, The Department of Homeland Decency is opposed to it and its spokesperson, Mrs. Flue, explains why in the following video. We found this video and post it here so voters can make informed choices. View it. Tell your friends. Then do the right thing.

If the Republicans win big, Mrs. Flue will become the norm again. Let's hope that doesn't happen.
And if you wish to know more, please buy The Department of Homeland Decency's Rules and Regulations Manual (information is listed in the right hand column). It will prepare you for the return of the Age of Decency.

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